Who We are

Sino-Ca Education and Training Development Inc. was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 2012. It is a comprehensive service agency for studying abroad, providing a full range of services such as consulting, study visa application, reference requisition preparation, language training, study tours and etc. Sino-Ca Education is based in the city of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. Its business covers the whole island and is spreading to other parts of Canada. There is also a branch set in Guangzhou, China, in full charge of its business marketing in mainland China.

The Services We Provide

  • Studying abroad Application — Study Guidance — English Language Training — College Application — Career Planning — Integrated Services
  • Attentive Supervision
  • Professional Platform for Studying Abroad
  • Highly-qualified, experienced teachers

Our Strength

Sino-Ca Education has been working conscientiously in the field of international education, offering professional consulting and language training services for Chinese students.

By working together with overseas education institutions, it carries out a variety of international cooperative programmes and forms a business network that covers the areas of information collection, study visa applying, language training, abroad supportive services, career planning and etc. With years ‘of rapid development, Sino-Ca Education has established close relationships with public education institutions, private schools, well-known universities and Colleges in Canada and offers a high-quality platform for students who are planning to study abroad.


  • Studying abroad Programs
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Winter and Summer Camps
  • Language Training
  • Supervision Service

As an enrollment agency for many middle schools and colleges in Vancouver Island, Sino-Ca Education has helped hundreds of overseas students realize their dream of entering prestigious universities. Since the year of 2015, it has established partner relationships with a great number of local schools. Sino-Ca Education not only serves as a bridge between public education bureaus and international students, but also provides follow-up supportive services and supervision to overseas students. Besides, over these years, it has been actively participating in local charity activities. Its deeds have been reported by several media and won a good reputation in educational circles.

Sino-Ca Education commits itself to helping overseas students to improve English, French and Chinese language skills. Adhering to the ideal of helping students to make a transition “from learning English to learning with English”, it encourages students to learn in an exploratory way. Significant progress is guaranteed by professional training staff who apply effective teaching methods. Since the foundation of the school, a great number of students have passed IELTS and Sat with remarkable scores.

Sino-Ca Education seeks to become the most innovative school in British Columbia. Our education is student-centered, and we constantly encourage students to develop all-around abilities to meet the demands of the society. It is dedicated to providing the most professional guidance and assisting every student to achieve their dream, aspiring to stand as a professional, authoritative and trustworthy service provider.


Janet Wong毕业于广州外国语学院国际贸易专业。专注从事加拿大留学、移民工作近19年; 帮助无数学生实现留学梦想;深知加拿大小学、中学、大学、研究生教育系统及申请需求;一流的专业水平、真诚的咨询服务、丰富的成功经验;已经帮上千名学习者实现海外求学的梦想!

Kim Li从事留学顾问工作近4年。
毕业于温哥华岛大学教育系硕士。 拥有了丰富的留学和签证经验,成功帮助学生申请到众多心仪的大学,并设计合理的签证方案保持着较高的签证通过率。

Victor Luo中山大学法律硕士,对东西方文化差异及加拿大教育体系有很深的理解。熟悉加拿大移民体系及法律程序,持有UBC(英属哥伦比亚大学)移民法律、政策及程序认证证书。

Steven Ma从事留学顾问3年多。
加拿大维多利亚大学历史及政治专业; 中学时留学加拿大并以优异的成绩完成学业,熟悉并了解加拿大教育体系,文化内涵, 从学校的选择、课程规划到未来的专业方向, Steven都给予极其有价值的建议和策划。 并切实帮助留学生达成愿望!



David H. DowlingDoctorate Degree in English, University of Toronto.
BC Province certified English teacher. Dr. David was a professor of English at Massey University in New Zealand and a director of the Department of English at University of Northern British Columbia. Dr. David has more than 30 years of English teaching experience, covering courses taught in English, IELTS, TOEFL, SSAT, SAT and French courses. With his deep understanding of western cultural history and English language and literature, Dr. David uses a unique teaching method to encourage students’ self-learning ability, cultivate personalized learning methods and improve students’ comprehensive English level and test ability. Dr. David is familiar with the IELTS test structure.

Yan QinYan Qin is currently an IELTS teacher and ESL instructor at Sino-Ca Education. After earning a MA degree in English from Anhui University, she began her career at Hefei University of Technology in China, teaching English majors there for over ten years. With a career in ESL education spanning nearly twenty years, Yan Qin is skilled in adapting to students’ diverse learning styles and helping them improve their language skills. Her translation works include The Story of Civilizations and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and she is also the author of English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Philosophy published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

Hefen ZhangMS Zhang, an MA in English Language, is the supplier of online courses for Sino-ca Education. As an English translator and editor for many years, she has dealt with various types of materials such as tourist brochures, academic dissertations, patent descriptions and etc., up to an amount of hundreds of thousands of words.
Besides, as an experienced editor, she is also familiar with digital publishing affairs such as designing, editing and proofreading.

Iolanda KhazeIolanda has over five years teaching experience of teaching English as second language and proficient speaker of English, Hungarian, Persian and Romanian. Iolanda also accomplished
experience in developing curriculum and designing meaningful and effective coursework that engages students and expedites learning.

Sheryl EllisB.A. in Special Honors in English, Bachelor of Education, University of York, Canada.
Sheryl has many years of experience in English teaching, BC Province she is also a certified English teacher. She has a unique understanding of the process of learning English and personal life in Canada. Sheryl tries to create a common English dialogue on the basis of interpersonal communication, so that students can quickly involve into the local life.

Joshua CawthorneJoshua is a student of Mandarin in the VIU Department of International Languages. He has an extensive background of presenting and competing in Debate and Speech around the world in both English and French, and most recently at the Nanaimo Chinese New Year celebration. He is currently the Native Language Liaison at Sino-Ca.